Transparency rules

As per the guidance of transparency rules introduced by the SRA and which is in effect from the 06th December, we display below our price and service information.

We wish to first of all inform out of the areas of law the SRA has mentioned, we only practice Conveyancing (Residential), Probate (uncontested), Immigration and licensing application (only liquor licence).

We wish to however inform we also practise all areas of immigration law including asylum, Conveyancing (including residential and commercial), Family Matrimonial, Wills & Probate and Landlord and Tenant matters.

We are registered for VAT, registration number 542 2202 92 and all our service fees attract VAT save in immigration cases where the applicants do not have Leave To Remain when VAT is not charged.



For convenience we have attached herewith a sample of our residential conveyancing proforma invoice stating our fees which is sent to all our client’s at the inception of the matter. Whatever is not applicable will not apply.

Our starting fees for residential conveyancing where we have to peruse all the relevant documents is a sum of £580 and which increases with the consideration of the transaction to a sum of £980. The rest of the fees are fixed, i.e. acting for the lender, post completion charges, acting in a leasehold transaction, contributions towards bank charges, postage, telephone and fax.

The usual disbursements in a conveyancing transaction is Stamp duty (if applicable), Land Registry fees (as per the schedule of the Land Registry), Bank charges which is normally £10 per transaction, Land Registry search fees which is £4 per search and bankruptcy search fee which is £1 per person.

Local land charges fees are in accordance with each individuals council where the property is located and their fees are available on the councils website.

We always give a written quotation to our client’s whether they seek one or not which is sent with our client care (terms of business) letter and we strictly adhere to the said quotation when we send the bill of cost prior to the completion of a matter. Should however the transaction require more perusal time than expected, then we explain the same to the client and if agreed we increase our fees by £150-£200.

Probate (uncontested)

At present we are charging a fixed rate of £600 plus vat, excluding the application fees. We do not make any other charges.

Immigration (excluding Asylum)

Our fees for immigration vary depending on the application made. For the first Discretionary Leave application which is outside the immigration rules and where our client is currently overstaying, our fees is between £600-£900 (nil vat) excluding Home office fees. For immigration appeals, our fees is between £1800 - £2200 (plus VAT) including counsels fees.

As VAT need not have to be paid for those who are not ordinary resident in the UK, we do not charge VAT for our immigration client’s where they do not have Leave to Remain. All the clients who are currently overstaying or illegally remaining do not have to pay VAT. This includes disbursements such as counsel fees.

Licencing applications

We only assist with premises licence applications (new) where we charge a sum of £400 plus vat excluding the application fees.

Price information

We have informed above the average or range of cost. We do not charge on hourly rates. We only charge as over the agreed/fixed fees. In litigation cases which are not referred under the transparency rules, on one or two occasions we have advised the client’s we will have to charge them on hourly rate, especially when we have to entertain many calls/emails and unanticipated documents to peruse. The areas of law where SRA has requested a price transparency, all our fees are fixed.

Disbursements and their cost

We have referred above likely disbursements. In immigration cases, the only disbursements will be Home office fees, Immigration Health Surcharge (IHS) and counsel fees. Counsel fees depends on their experience and year of call and the counsel will normally charge between £450-£800 per attendance at the tribunal (in immigration cases). Their fees for advice is the same, again depending on their year of call.

VAT payments

All our fees attract VAT other than cases where the applicant does not have Leave to Remain in the UK. All our immigration clients who contact us either over stay or illegally remain do not have to pay VAT. However, if they are granted Leave to Remain (for Further Leave), VAT is payable.

Conditional or damage-based fees

This doesn’t apply to any of the areas of law we practice

Key stages and typical time scale

In conveyancing, key stages are exchange of contract and completion. Our terms of business letter is very clear as to when we will be advising or seeking instructions to exchange contracts and the time limit between drafting contracts and the completion date and the time limit our client will have in case completion is delayed. These are explained in our terms of business letter. An average residential conveyancing with or without mortgage takes between 3-5 weeks (provided of course we receive search results in time and if the other side solicitors also do not delay in responding to our communication).

In immigration, the Secretary of State/Home office informs in their acknowledgment letter that they normally take 6 months to consider an application. If they have to take more than 6 months then they send a letter seeking further time. An in-country immigration appeal is normally heard within 6 months but an appeal filed on behalf of an applicant who is in abroad takes more than a year to be heard by the Asylum and Immigration tribunal.

The application for an uncontested probate usual takes between 3 – 6 weeks

A licencing application usually takes 6 weeks

Qualification and experience

Immigration law is practiced by our Mrs K Ratnapalan, Manjula Sooriyakumar and Sabiha Jawad. Mrs Ratnapalan is in her 30th year of practice (practice certificate holder for 30 years) and we can proudly say she has extensive and vast experience in dealing with all areas of Immigration law. She was also twice accredited by law society (after passing the accreditation exams with more than 50% pass marks) as an accredited supervisor in Immigration law. She was also practicing Immigration law under the legal aid scheme for about 23 years and therefore has the practice of applying the quality mark expected by the Legal Aid board in all her cases. Her immigration files will therefore always have an instructions sheet, confirmation of instructions, which has the advice given and the action agreed and furthermore every time she writes to the Home office or counsel she will confirm the same with the client in writing.

Our colleague Manjula Sooriyakumar and Sabiha Jawad also practices Immigration law. Manjula has more than 10 years’ experience of preparing for Immigration appeals. She also handles immigration work from the inception of seeing a client and until the time of sending the applications to the Home office. Sabiha Jawad primarily does applications to the Home office and the settlement and visitor’s Entry clearance applications. She also has extensive experience in dealing with immigration cases.

One of the assets of this firm is that we also speak Tamil, Sinhalese, Hindi and Urdu languages.

Our probate work is carried out mainly by Sabiha Jawad with the supervision of Mrs K Ratnapalan. She has extensive experience in successfully obtaining grant of probate. Again her language skills of speaking Urdu & Hindi has assisted with helping many of our local clients.

Residential conveyancing and licencing applications are primarily managed by our Duv Ratnapalan who again has 10 years of active practising experience of both residential and commercial conveyancing. He is assisted mainly by Anusha Rajasundaram (paralegal) and Bradley Grant (legal assistant) who does the initial work of AML requirements, sending searches, raising enquiries, obtaining landlords consent (in commercial transactions) and ensuring that all draft documents are in the file to be passed to Duv Ratna for perusal and reporting. Anusha Rajasundaram is also responsible for checking Anti money laundering in each file. We are a team who handles all the files as a team so that there is another person who can respond to a client in case of a query. Therefore, in our firm it is not that only one person can reply to a query from the client.

If a conveyancing matter has been passed to Duv Ratna and as he will have the full conduct of that matter, if a client telephones during his absence, Mrs K Ratnapalan can check the file and update the client. The above applies during annual holidays of colleagues where another colleague is able to handle the file. This is very useful to all our clients and they are advised at the inception of the matter as to at least minimum two staff who would be able to handle their case in case a colleague is not available.

Raising queries or concerns

Our aim is to offer all clients an efficient and effective service and we are confident this will be the case. If there is any aspect of our service you are unhappy with, please raise the matter with Mrs K Ratnapalan and she will be pleased to investigate in accordance with our written complaints policy. A copy of this is available on request. If you are dissatisfied, you are also entitled to complain about the Firm’s bill.

If you remain dissatisfied you can refer the matter to the Legal Ombudsman who can consider your complaint. You normally must do this within 6 months of receiving a final written response from us. Usually they will not consider any complaint brought outside this time period

You can contact the Legal Ombudsman;

By telephone at; Or by writing to; Or by email at;

0300 555 0333

PO Box 6806,


WV1 9WJ,